Classical Ballet 

Royal Academy of Dance syllabus

Steps Performing Arts is proud to be associated with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) for its classical ballet syllabus. The school subscribes to the belief that ballet provides the basis for dance technique, which is why the syllabus has formed the backbone of the studio’s curriculum since Steps was founded in 2000.

Established in the UK in 1920, and now with approximately 14,000 members in 83 countries, RAD has cemented itself as one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world. RAD sets international standards for exams in classical ballet, teacher training and Continuing Professional Development for dance. The Academy’s patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and, in Australia, the RAD Vice Presidents include the Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet, David McAllister AM, and Li Cunxin, the Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet; better known as Mao’s Last Dancer.

Steps offers RAD ballet education in classical, character, free movement and pointe work, with students examined annually at Pre-primary, Primary, Grades 1-8, and Vocational levels from Intermediate Foundation through to Advanced 2. Students can expect to learn performance pieces in a variety of styles that this training supports, such as classical, pointe, modern ballet, contemporary, neo-classical, national and character.

While Steps has a strong reputation for its friendly approach, the school aims for continued achievement and excellence, encouraging its students to develop their full personal potential through formal ballet training, whether they aspire to a career in performance or merely appreciate the enjoyment and fitness classical ballet brings.  

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Pre-school Classes 


There is no better way to introduce young children to the magic of ballet than through Angelina Ballerina™classes. The Angelina Ballerina Academy selected Steps Performing Arts to represent its syllabus in the Macedon Ranges and Yarraville because of the fun, caring and creative environment it offers tiny dancers. 

Many will recognise the best-selling children’s book and television character behind this dance program. A feisty mouseling, Angelina loves to dance and dreams of becoming a famous ballerina. The cartoon character has become an inspiration for 2-6 year old participants, who learn from an internationally recognised ballet curriculum. Students are taught dance etiquette and ballet terms, while having plenty of fun with Angelina-themed activities and learning incentives.

Steps offers this program as an age-appropriate introduction to ballet and many students will later choose to further explore their love of dance and the study of ballet through the school’s Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. 

Angelina Ballerina™ classes are run at select studios across Australia and New Zealand, and Steps is proud to offer the program at our Yarraville and Macedon ranges studios.






60 MINUTES $200 • 90 MINUTES $250

With roots firmly planted in mid 20th Century New Orleans and the Broadway musicals of the time, jazz is known for its fun, upbeat and physical characteristics. Much like the musical style, it lends itself strongly to improvisation. 

Students work solidly towards examinations for both ballet and tap all year at Steps, so jazz classes offer an opportunity for fun, syllabus-free lessons, brimming with creative energy and plenty of routine development for performances. Depending on the teacher, classes may encompass Broadway, commercial, lyrical or funk, offering teachers and students a chance to showcase their individual ideas and skills in choreography.  



Rhythmical and percussive, tap is a uniquely compelling style of dance that students are never too old or too young to take up. Pre-schoolers are most often drawn to the beat of tap performance, while adults find the style terrific for fitness and for keeping the brain active!

Steps offers tap classes for beginner through to advanced students, primarily using the Glenn Wood Tap (GWT) Syllabus for training, and for Levels 1 through to 13 examinations. To broaden student knowledge and versatility in tap, Steps tap classes include exposure to a variety of tap styles: from Broadway through to street and American rhythm tap. 

The standard of tap teaching is high at Steps, which is consistently reflected in the strength of student technique and exam level results. Classes regularly include information on the history of the craft, along with exposure to the latest and most progressive work in tap, by such renowned performers as Jason Samuels Smith and Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies. 



60 MINUTES $140 • 90 MINUTES $180

Often free-form and unpredictable in rhythm and speed, contemporary dance was borne of a blend of classical ballet, modern and jazz styles. Developed during the mid-20thCentury, it is now a popular form of performance expression, showcasing the strength of traditional floor work, the control of fall and recovery, and the inventiveness of modern dance. 

The encouragement of creativity and freeform expression underpin a strong contemporary focus at Steps. Here students develop their improvisational and choreographical abilities in performance as it extends into a host of other techniques. Acknowledging the importance of this discipline, contemporary forms both a component of the school’s classical ballet program, as well as being offered as a separate class within the timetable. 



60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $175


Steps is committed to movement and likes to cater to students who may wish to expand their physical and mental skills outside of the traditional dance disciplines. Acrobatics classes are a growing passion for many students at Steps. Flexibility and strength are developed through a gymnastic focus, where students learn high energy moves such as aerials, cartwheels and walkovers, as well as various stands, bridges and balancing techniques. 



Further classes include Stretch/Body ConditioningStott Pilates®and Total Barre.These classes are offered within our regular timetable, encouraging coordination, balance, core strength and good posture. Classes are adaptable and tailored for various ages and skill levels, so you can be assured there is always a Steps class to suit your level of interest and proficiency.



60 MINUTES $120 

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Adult Classes


Adult classes are on offer in Kyneton and Yarraville. 



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